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We Could've All Lived In A World Where Jake Gyllenhaal Was Frodo

He would've been the hottest hobbit in Middle-Earth, that's for sure.

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Jake Gyllenhaal graced The Tonight Show with his perfect-looking face and chatted it up with Jimmy Fallon about stuff you rarely hear actors discuss: the roles they never got.

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Fallon was curious about auditions that didn't go in Gyllenhaal's favor.

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And surprisingly, one role he failed to land was in Peter Jackson's epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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Fallon was even more shocked by the fact that Gyllenhaal was up for the lead role in the movie.

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During the audition, there were no lines and things were left entirely up to the actor's interpretation.

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Gyllenhaal was supposed to walk up to a box, open it, and retrieve a ring. But he says he was confused by what Jackson wanted, so he did it in a way that was pretty lackluster.

On top of that, he didn't do an accent (which his agents apparently failed to tell him was a requirement), and that's when Jackson told him he did a bad job.

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Clearly, Peter Jackson made the wrong choice, right?

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