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    19 Very Relatable Tweets That Will Make You Crack Up

    Brought to you by the greatest meme of 2016.

    The internet has fallen in love with a GIF of the rapper Conceited, most known for his work on the MTV show Wild 'N Out.

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    The rap battle video from which the GIF was born has been around for at least three years, but people have just started using it for its intended purpose: making dank-ass tweets.

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    Here are 19 of the best Conceited tweets:

    1. When your dreams of looking fly are dispersed because of your tummy.

    2. When you ask god for a sign that you don't plan on listening to.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @MON1QUEPOUR

    3. When your parents accidentally learn you've been sowing your wild oats.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Only1Perseus

    4. When your front-facing camera catches you slippin'.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Nija315

    5. When society judges you no matter what you do.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @diaryofaziza

    6. When you need to buckle down and be productive but your bed is way more alluring.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @1942bs

    7. When God is low-key playing games with your love life.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @_GirlFromAtl

    8. When the tiny shipping fee ruins your virtual shopping experience.

    9. When your family members bend the rules in honor of one of life's biggest achievements.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @ola_chicas

    10. When your teacher underestimates your procrastination skills.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @ola_chicas

    11. When a potential date's beauty blinds you to his unhealthy vices.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @bimadew

    12. When Snapchat drains your phone of its soul, aka its battery.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @AndreasChoice

    13. When your friend tries to get you to chime in on a dispute between him and his S.O.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @SINice

    14. When someone with a ~great~ personality tries to commandeer your looks.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @AndreasChoice

    15. When you're broke, but then the cashier makes you wonder if you're morally corrupt, too.

    16. When 2016 has been terrible and you're holding out hope that the following year will be less grim.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @XLNB

    17. When capitalism is king but you're also very tired.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @BBpoison_

    18. When you're suddenly in the "real world" and no one seems to care about your degree.

    19. When someone is trying to comfort you and sorta ends up making you feel worse.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @HeOSOSwavy

    Bless this meme.

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