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    Alfred Enoch Is Devastatingly Handsome On The Cover Of Bleu Magazine

    Go, go, Gryffindor indeed!

    It's no secret that the entire cast of the Harry Potter films are marvelously talented human beings.

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    But in addition to being great actors, a lot of the cast grew up to look really, really good. Like Matthew Lewis, whose dashing looks led to the creation of the term "Longbottoming."

    Warner Bros.

    If only we were all treated this kindly by Mother Nature after puberty.

    Lewis is definitely cute, but let it be known that Alfred Enoch, who currently stars in ABC's How to Get Away With Murder, is the hottest guy to come out of Gryffindor House, and it's never been more evident than when he appeared on the latest cover of Bleu magazine.

    Bleu Magazine / Via

    Doesn't he look absolutely immaculate? A proper glow-up, for sure.

    Warner Bros.

    Step aside, "Longbottoming." Whenever a star gets handsome seemingly over night, we'll all say that they've "Enoch'd."

    Bleu Magazine. / Via

    It is written. It is law.

    Bless you, Alfred, you handsome fellow.

    Warner Bros.

    H/T: Bleu magazine

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