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    Staples Just Served Kris Jenner The Most Epic Twitter Burn

    Yaaasss, office supplies!

    This fabulous woman is Kris Jenner. She's a businesswoman — a mogul even...

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    ...oh yeah, and she's responsible for giving birth to some of the most famous women on the planet: the Kardashian/Jenner sisters.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    Recently, Kris debuted her new necklace line, which is available exclusively on her website.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @KrisJenner

    But while Jenner was enjoying her moment, basking in the joy of her new piece of jewelry, Staples Canada swooped in with an EPIC burn. 🔥

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @StaplesCanada

    Someone from the account tweeted "Also available in aisle 7" as a response to the momager's necklace.


    Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

    And upon closer inspection, the necklace definitely looks as if it could've been made with items found in a Staples store, like paper clips.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @KrisJenner


    Twitter / Via Twitter: @KrisJenner

    Of course, the jokes started to fly.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @aveclaile

    And they were funny.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @sam_oesch

    Really, really funny.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @aveclaile

    Perhaps this piece will come in an assortment of colors someday?


    The world can dream!

    E! / Via

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