No, Those Aren't Sir And Rumi Carter In Those Photos Of Beyoncé Holding Two Babies

    It looks like this was a false alarm, BeyHive.

    Megastars Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off their On the Run II tour Wednesday in Cardiff, Wales. Many wondered if they had unveiled another surprise: their infant twins, Sir and Rumi Carter.

    Knowles gave birth to the twins last year, and they've rarely been seen in public since the singer debuted a photo of herself cradling the two on Instagram last year.

    So when an image popped up at the concert of the superstar holding two babies, people naturally assumed the kids were hers.

    Jay-Z was seen with the babies in his arms too. The image of him and his wife was separated by title cards that read "Love Never Changes" and "Love Is Universal."


    On Instagram, it was a similar story...

    People were incredibly enthusiastic about the images. "Look at how big they are now!!!" one person wrote.

    "That's the twins!! Omg," someone else said.

    "Look at those delicious chubsters!!!!!" one hyped fan typed.

    @hilmonstah Look at those delicious chubsters!!!!!

    Though being the bearer of bad news isn't something we here at BuzzFeed News enjoy, it seems that these aren't the twins, according to Beyoncé's representatives.

    Sir and Rumi’s cameo in the OTR II introoooo

    When reached for comment, asking if this was indeed Beyoncé holding Sir and Rumi, the rep's swift response was, "It's not."

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z reveal faces of new born twins Rumi & Sir Carter during first show of their #OnTheRunTour in Cardiff, Wales.

    So who are these mystery babies? A follow-up email asking for further comment was not immediately returned.

    But as always, we'll be the first to let you know when Bey releases photos of the real twins.

    Update: Ms. Tina Lawson, Beyoncé's mom, posted a photo of the actual twins on Thursday. The footage was seemingly taken from the opening night of Bey and Jay's current tour.