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Someone Made A Thread Of Beyoncé's Bodyguard's Best Moments And It's Everything

Queen Bey is in safe hands, that's for sure.

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Like most A-list celebs, Beyoncé has security around her at most times to protect her well-being.

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Beyoncé is a goddess and must be protected at all costs, because she is truly a gift to this world.


Naturally, the list began with a photoshop of the two on the promotional poster for Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner's The Bodyguard.

Julius deserves a thread of his iconic moments. here we go.

Then it featured the time he earned his keep by making sure that elevator situation was handled well.

Then there was the time he probably crushed a kid's dreams when he stopped her from running up to Beyoncé.


He even blocked a fan who was sitting in her own car from taking a photo of Bey.

The curated thread also highlighted a funny moment in which Beyoncé told Julius to move during a shoot for 2011's "Best Thing I Never Had" video.

And not only has Julius fulfilled his guard duties for Bey on land, but he's done it in the ocean, as well.

being a body guard in the OCEAN. a man of multi talents.


Julius is clearly the cream of the crop as far as bodyguards go.

the way he ran to the door to protect Bey like there wasn't a whole other bodyguard there. he's so protective 😭😭

In conclusion, don't mess with Bey, 'cause if you do, you'll have to deal with Julius.

Beyoncé got snatched by a fan but Julius hopped his ass on that stage in a millisecond