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    Feb 24, 2016

    Kate McKinnon Impersonated Ellen DeGeneres And It's Honestly Magical

    "No, I'm Ellen."

    SNL star Kate McKinnon stopped by Ellen to do what she does best: flawlessly impersonate Ellen DeGeneres.

    Facebook: video.php

    Back in 2013, McKinnon appeared on DeGeneres's show dressed as the funny talk show host.

    CBS / Via

    And now she's back! Once again, she came out looking like DeGeneres's long-lost twin.

    Then she dived into an Ellen-esque monologue, complete with a charming story about a puppy.

    EllenTube / Via Facebook: ellentv

    And somehow goats were thrown into the mix.

    EllenTube / Via Facebook: ellentv

    And it wouldn't be a true Ellen impersonation without a cool dance break, right?

    Look at these two basking in their loveliness.

    EllenTube / Via Facebook: ellentube

    Please have Kate on every week, Ellen.

    EllenTube / Via Facebook: ellentube

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