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    People Have A Lot Of Feelings About This Video Of A Guy Admitting He Cheated On His Ex

    A clip of a former couple discussing how their relationship went downhill has a lot of people talking.

    On Tuesday evening — Valentine's Day, to be specific — The Scene posted a video on Twitter of a former couple talking about some of the issues they faced when they were an item, which were mainly trust and infidelity.

    He cheated on her. Now she wants to know why.

    The clip opened with somber music and a woman asking her former partner a question.

    He disclosed that he "did everything."

    She pressed him a little further...

    ...before he finally admitted that while they were together he slept with other women.

    There were several poignant moments in the video that resonated with people online, like when the guy said that his ex-girlfriend was his "best friend."

    And, while fighting back tears, she agreed.

    The woman then told a story about how she found other women texting her ex-boyfriend on his phone. Once she caught him in his room with another woman and he told her to go away.

    According to the woman, the two didn't speak for a while, but she said her ex apologized at the time and said he wouldn't hurt her again, even though he did.

    After that, the woman asked her ex how many times he stepped out on the relationship.

    But he couldn't provide an exact answer.

    She probed a bit more.

    Then he finally answered, essentially saying he wasn't keeping track.

    His response turned an already tense moment into one even sadder, because the woman had to get up and leave, and take a few moments to compose herself.

    Once she returned, her ex said that there was nothing she could've done that would've stopped him from cheating. He just didn't want to be committed at the time.

    By the end of the video, the two had made amends.

    The woman admitted that the reason she forgave him is because she valued their friendship.

    The video became massively popular online and was instantly memed. A lot of people began referring to the woman as #HurtBae.

    If you didn't count, then it don't count. #hurtbae

    And the guy was deemed trash.

    People couldn't believe how he seemingly felt no remorse for his actions.

    An accurate representation of my facial expressions when he said "I didn't count" #hurtbae

    The guy's "I didn't count" line was one of the most upsetting things about the video — at least to people on Twitter.

    "How many times did you cheat?" "I wasn't counting."

    Many sided with the woman in the video...


    ...and a ton of others posted emotional GIFs about the clip.

    #hurtbae "I forgave you because you were my best friend."

    The memes were inescapable.

    Her: I forgave you [for all the horrible shit you did to me]. Him: ...why? Her: ...because you're my best friend.

    But there were also deeper discussions about how men treat women.

    I know we like to believe it, but a man that can hurt you like that is in no way, shape or form your friend let alone in love with you.

    A lot of folks rallied around the idea of leaving someone alone if you have no intentions of doing right by them.

    #hurtbae is a lesson. If you are not serious don't get started. Don't awaken a woman's heart if you have no intentions to love her right.

    The chats about the subject carried on well into the evening.

    It's really disturbing how men indiscriminately hurt women, feel zero remorse, and then blame women for their own a…

    And it was exemplified in several posts within the tag.

    “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her” - Bob Marley #hurtbae #repost

    Amid the chaos, an alleged fake Twitter account made in the name of the woman in the video emerged, and it said that she'd moved on and was in a happy relationship.

    For all of those wondering, I am in a happy relationship with someone who treats me so very right 💕 Thanks so much…

    But another page, @RealCreoleKourt, says that the account is fake.

    Sooo @creolekourt blocked me. Issa fake page. 😒

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to verify if either Twitter account is real.