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Not Even Deceased "GoT" Characters Are Safe From The Crying Jordan Meme


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This post contains spoilers if you aren't caught up on Season 6 of Game of Thrones.


Even if you've never watched the show, it's highly likely that you've heard of Game of Thrones.


And if you've been on the internet at all this year, you've definitely seen the Crying Jordan meme.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @crying_jordan

Well, thanks to the someone over at Cycle with incredible photoshop and editing skills, Game of Thrones and Crying Jordan have been combined in one hilarious and epic video.

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Cycle / HBO / Via

The clip, which is titled "Remember the Fallen," chronicles the major deaths from Season 6 of Thrones. Like poor, poor Hodor...

And sweet Rickon Stark.

To make matters worse, Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" is being played while some of the show's most beloved characters fall to the great equalizer: death.

WUN WUN. ::cries::

But there were other deaths, like Ramsay Bolton's, that were even more satisfying to watch with the Crying Jordan treatment.

Good riddance.

Oh yeah, and that pesky Waif who gave Arya so much grief.

Yep, even the High Sparrow and his followers get meme'd.

Cycle / HBO / Via

Happy about the High Sparrow, sad about House Tyrell.

Dear internet, never change.

Cycle / HBO / Via
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