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    Bette Midler Issued An Apology After Tweeting An Insensitive Joke About Caitlyn Jenner

    "I seem to have misread the temper of the times."

    Bette Midler — singer, actor, comedian — has been known to ruffle a few feathers, especially when she decides to tell a joke on Twitter.

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    Earlier in March, Midler joked about Kim Kardashian's much-talked-about naked selfie.

    And of course, that all ended when Kim responded with a clever joke aimed at Bette.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

    Now, Midler has found herself at the center of more Kardashian-Jenner drama. This time, she made a joke about about the cancellation of I Am Cait, the E! series which documented Caitlyn Jenner's transition.

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    Over the weekend, Midler posted a since-deleted tweet that got a lot of people talking.

    Bette Midler / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bettemidler

    People were upset and accused Midler of misgendering Jenner.

    There are ways to discuss Caitlyn Jenner being trash without misgendering her lol @BetteMidler

    Others expressed their disappointment with the star in other ways.

    shut up bette midler

    @BetteMidler I love you Bette but this is horrible.

    Later, Midler issued an apology on Twitter by responding to the Human Rights Campaign, then calling the deleted tweet an "idle musing."

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @BetteMidler

    Still, after sending the tweet as a way of rectifying the matter, some were not convinced.

    @BetteMidler @HRC this is kind of an underwhelming apology, frankly.

    People quoted the language Midler used in the apology — specifically the line that reads, "I seem to have misread the temper of the times."

    @BetteMidler @HRC Transphobia was never a "temper of the times". It's always been wrong.

    By "misread the temper of the times," do you mean you thought society at large was transphobic enough to laugh along with you? @BetteMidler

    Midler has not yet responded to any of the criticism about her apology.

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