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29 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments In "America's Next Top Model" History

Be quiet, Tiffany!

1. In Cycle 4 when Rebecca passed out in the middle of her critique.

2. When the models had to fall face-first onto Plexiglas to get the perfect shot.

3. In Cycle 1 when Elyse went on an incredible rant because she'd had it with her fellow housemates.

4. In Cycle 2 when Shandi cheated on her boyfriend with a really hot male model.

5. When Robin from Cycle 1 decided not to do a simulated nude shoot, even though she'd exposed herself to Jay Manuel earlier that day.

6. When Tyra said this:

7. When Camille uttered some of the most famous words in Top Model history:

8. When Tyra rewarded a few of the girls of Cycle 2 by letting them appear in her music video for "Shake Ya Body."

9. When Tyra made the Cycle 6 models walk in dangerously high heels.

10. When Yaya had to set a member of the panel straight when accused of being "overbearing" when she expressed her "African-ness."

11. When Ann and Eva from Cycle 3 teamed up and carved "Clean your shit" into Cassie's brownies.

12. When Cassandra from Cycle 5 quit the competition because she didn't want to cut an inch more of her hair.

13. When you rolled your eyes each time Tyra made up words like "potledom" and "booty tooch."

BTW, "potledom" is an iteration of Top Model spelled backwards.

14. When Michelle from Cycle 4 was accused of contracting a contagious flesh-eating bacterial disease that was killing people around the nation.

15. When Lluvy was accused of having the "worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model."

16. When Tyra made everyone's heart drop by announcing that both Jayla and Nicole would need to pack their bags at elimination.

17. And then she's all, "Because we're all going to London!"

18. When Jade, the villain of cycle 6, explained the true meaning of ANTM:

19. Also, Jade's entire elimination speech is just wonderful.

20. When Tyra pretended to feel lightheaded and passed out in front of the girls of Cycle 6.

21. In Tyra's world, this is the best way to segue into an acting challenge.

22. When Brittany from Cycle 8 had a complete meltdown because her taxi driver made her forfeit that week's challenge.

23. When Saliesha from Cycle 9 won over Chantal.

24. When Nicole won over Nik.

25. When Celia from Cycle 12 made a point to try to get Thalia eliminated at panel, but Tyra gave her a cold stare before telling her to have a seat.

Watch the really awkward moment here.

26. That moment when Bre's drama with both Nicole and Kim came to a head.

27. When Louise had had enough and quit the show because Kelly Cutrone was being incredibly rude to her.

Being able to take a critique is one thing; being talked down to is unacceptable.

28. Any time Victoria from Cycle 19 said anything about her mom, mainly because it seemed like a weird relationship.

29. And last but not least, the moment when Tyra completely went berserk on Tiffany from Cycle 4.

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