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13 Struggles Of A Broke Film Fanatic

Being broke and loving movies is almost as hard as having real problems.

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1. When the film you want to see isn't playing at your local theater / Via

If you don't live in a big city, smaller films probably aren't playing near you. Seeing that indie that everyone's talking about requires driving far, which of course requires gas money.

2. Choosing between going to the movies and going grocery shopping / Via

Going to the movies nowadays means allocating at least $75 dollars for a ticket and a small bag of popcorn. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

3. When a movie you love is released by Criterion but you can't buy it / Via

The Criterion Collection is also known as the future site of my financial ruin. When there are that many special features, do I really need car insurance?

4. Wanting to go to a film festival that's too far away / Via

As we all know, film festivals are usually held in accessible places like Utah and Cannes, France. I don't know any casual non-press film-goers that have the time or money to go to them, but when I meet one they will become my best friend.

5. Torrenting a movie for free even though it's on a shady website / Via

I always ask myself, "Is watching this movie worth giving my computer a devastating virus?" Then I don't answer that and watch it anyway.

6. When you're tired of paying for streaming services / Via

Why are there so many of you, streaming services? Could you please get together and just put all of the movies on one? We'll think about the consequences of that massive conglomeration later.

7. When Netflix takes the movie you've been meaning to watch off their site / Via

I put it on my list and I've been scrolling past it for several months, but I was definitely going to watch it at some point. How dare you?

8. The film in question is available on their DVD service only / Via

No offence, but no one uses the DVD service anymore besides my dad and people who forgot to cancel their subscription.

9. Buying film memorabilia even though you definitely can't afford it

I can't help it. This is a lifestyle. I must own this film print or I'll never stop feeling empty inside. / Via

I can't help it. This is a lifestyle. I must own this film print or I'll never stop feeling empty inside.

10. When you can only find the remake of a movie available to rent / Via

Sometimes you just want to watch Straw Dogs and then you realize you're watching the version with the guy who played angsty Tarzan.

11. Spending money on a bad movie and regretting it / Via

Sometimes not even the critics can save you and your money from yourself.

12. Feeling the bills and responsibilities creeping up on you but you're watching movies / Via\

Who needs real life when you can live through movies?

13. When somebody asks where all the money from your paycheck went / Via

All work no play makes a broke film fanatic a dull boy.

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