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Thoughts College Students Have Around The Christmas Holiday.

11 Times How I Met Your Mother Described Your Holiday Feelings To A Tee!

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1. The feeling you have when you realize you still have to take finals

Almost every college student hates taking finals and would rather do anything else.

2. When you're taking your final exams

You've been given a lot of information over the semester and it can feel overwhelming. You can even question everything you know.

3. But then you get to see your family

It can be great seeing your family after not being home for awhile. Many times it can be the best part of break.

4. And then they ask you about how your life is going

Many of us are still figuring out what we want to do with our lives.

5. When you still have to do Christmas Shopping for your family

We've all been here. We've saved all of our shopping until the last minute and you have to fight for the last present.

6. Waiting to open your presents on Christmas morning

The excitement and anticipation are so high when you're waiting to open presents. You feel just like a kid again.

7. Calling your friends on Christmas like...

You can't not wish your friends a Merry Christmas.

8. Eating all of the food your mom made you

The homemade food is the second best part about break and you're gaining 20 pounds just looking at it. You've been dreaming of this for awhile.

9. But then realizing you have to go back to school

This is the worst part of break: when it's over. You don't want to leave the food, your bed, or even the clean showers.

10. And your busy schedule and responsibilities

You know you're coming back to lots of responsibilities again.

11. But you'll get to see your friends and you know they'll help you through it

You've missed your friends so it's good to be back.

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