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This TikToker Is Going Viral For Sharing 6 Foolproof Ways To Spot A Millennial Or Gen Z’er, And They Are Hilariously Accurate

"My fingers physically cannot do the Gen Z heart."

As an older Gen Z’er myself, sometimes it can be hard to spot a millennial because we grew up with a lot of the same music, TV shows, movies, and lingo.

RuPaul looking through binoculars

But, I recently learned six subtle ways to identify if someone is a Gen Z’er or millennial from TikToker Ludny Jean, also known as @ludknee. She's received over 5.1 million views on her recent video titled: "Testing my best friend to see if she's millennial or Gen Z."

Screenshot from Ludny's TikTok

People in the comments had A LOT of opinions on these generational differences:

TikTok comments

So, I decided to ask the BuzzFeed Community how accurate they thought these Gen Z and millennial identifiers were. So, let's get into the generational battle:

#1: How do millennials vs. Gen Z’ers mimic answering the phone?

Do they use their whole hand to replicate the phone?

answering imaginary phone call

Or, do they use two fingers as the "pretend" phone?

answering imaginary phone call

#2: How do millennials vs. Gen Z'ers mimic hanging up the phone?

Do they move the phone from their ear and place it directly down like a landline?

woman hanging up phone by placing an imaginary phone down

Or do they tap the end-call button on the phone screen?

woman answering imaginary phone by clicking the end call button

#3: How do millennials vs. Gen Z’ers mimic rolling down a window?

Do they hold an imaginary lever and move their arm in a circular motion?

woman rotating imaginary lever

Or do they press and hold a button?

woman holding imaginary button down

#4: How do millennials vs. Gen Z'ers make a heart with their hands?

Do they only use four fingers?

woman making heart with hands

Or do they use all of their fingers?

woman making heart with hands

#5: How do Gen Z’ers vs. millennials mimic taking a photo?

Do they turn their imaginary phone horizontally?

taking photo with imaginary phone horizontally

Or do they keep their imaginary phone vertical?

woman taking photo holding imaginary phone vertically

#6: What style of jeans do millennials and Gen Z'ers often wear?

Do they wear skinny jeans?

wearing skinny jeans

Or do they wear ripped mom jeans?

wearing ripped mom jeans

Do you feel that these generational identifiers are accurate? Or, do you find yourself being more of a mixture of the two? Let us know in the comments below!