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    Keke Palmer (aka True Jackson, VP) Just Helped VP Kamala Harris Brainstorm Her Own Converse Fashion Line, And The Concept Is Genius

    Both of our nation's vice presidents coming together is just *chef's kiss*.

    Keke Palmer recently joined forces with vice president Kamala Harris at the White House for a special episode of her podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer, where they discussed politics and the internet's obsession with the vice president's fashion.

    Keke Palmer and Kamala Harris laughing

    Keke is known for her iconic portrayal of teen fashion prodigy True Jackson from Nickelodeon's hit show, True Jackson, VP.

    "We love getting into your fashion!" Keke exclaimed to Kamala. "You always have a nice suit, but you're also casual at the same time! We want to know, will we ever get a Madame VP Converse line?"

    VP Harris wearing a blazer and jeans

    VP Harris's love of Converse became famous on the 2020 Biden-Harris campaign trail, as she rocked low-tops at many events — even wearing a pair on her cover of Vogue.

    The vice president told Keke, "Low-tops are my favorite...but if I did have a Converse line, I'd probably want a 'Freedom' line. The Converses would have sayings written on them like 'Freedom to be'...'Freedom to march'...and 'I am free.'"

    VP Kamala Harris walking in converse

    "Yes, Madame VP Harris's Freedom Line! I'm here for it! I don't need much, but a little finder's fee," Keke laughed.

    Keke Palmer

    Using Converse's custom design tool, I decided to see what an actual Madame VP Harris Converse shoe could look like.

    This design would represent the VP's stance on fighting for a woman's right to choose!

    Converse shoes that say "freedom to march"

    What do you think? Would you wear Converse designed by the vice president? Let us know in the comments!