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    The Internet Is Obsessed With President Biden's Newest Presidential Campaign Video Starring Marjorie Taylor Greene

    "Dark Brandon strikes again!"

    OK, so Joe Biden just made me spit out my coffee with his newest 2024 presidential campaign video.

    Joe Biden smiling

    Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently gave a speech at the Turning Point Action Conference, intending to shame Biden about his policies, but it totally backfired and now she's the star of his brand new presidential campaign video.

    Twitter: @JoeBiden
    I seriously can't believe this is real.

    In the campaign video, MTG lists some of Biden's political priorities including, "public investments in social infrastructure and environmental programs, education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, and labor unions" as an attempted diss to the president.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene giving a speech

    Honestly, the Biden social media team flipping Greene's speech into a straight-faced pro-Joe ad is pretty clever and the irony of some cheerful background music playing behind MTG's rant is cracking me up!

    Biden talking to supporters

    The video went super viral pretty much immediately and the responses are flooding in with one user calling it the "greatest troll of 2024."

    Twitter: @PeterSchorschFL

    There's some utter disbelief at MTG's obliviousness:

    Twitter: @PaulKeepsItReal

    Parker Butler, the creator of the Biden ad and the Deputy Director of Digital Rapid Response for the Democratic National Committee, celebrated hitting the 30 million view mark on Twitter:

    Twitter: @parkerpbutler

    The host of NPR's Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep, decided to fact-check MTG's original speech and surprisingly found that much of the original video matched the edited campaign ad:

    Twitter: @NPRinskeep

    The video's virality seems to be driven in part by the surprising contrast between the president's IRL public image — "that of an older gent enjoying a vanilla cone," as Vox put it — and his (or at least his social media team's) witty, trolling online alter ego known as Dark Brandon.

    Given how clever the ad is, it wasn't surprising to see people suggest that it was Dark Brandon's doing.

    Twitter: @MarkHamill

    I have to say, I like this sassy side of Joe Biden! What do you think of the newest Biden-Harris campaign video starring MTG? Let us know in the comments.