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Traits These Characters Share Totally Explain Why We Can't Get Enough Of Them

Ever wonder why you can't get enough of Family Guy or American Dad? This simple explanation will blow your mind!

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They both loooove to drink.

Alcohol is everywhere in college, it's a social lubricant and definitely makes college a lot more bearable. But Roger and Brian continuously abuse alcohol. Both of them use it to numb their problems and validate some of their horrible life choices. Remind you of anyone?

They're both super uncomfortable being themselves.

Lets be honest, being honest about who you really are got hard in high school and hasn't gotten any easier. Roger and Brian hide their true personalities with character persona's that they make up to prevent being themselves.

They go a little hard sometimes.

Roger and Brian are notorious for their drug use, and whenever it's offered they almost always except it. This drug dependency effects both families and is reflects the struggle a lot of real families face every day. Especially in college, it's a slippery slope to get involved in drugs, especially to the level that we see in the show.

They love themselves wayyyy too much.

Roger and Brian are really wrapped up in themselves, Roger rarely makes decisions for the benefits of others, and Brian is certain that he is a lot smarter than he really is. It's an easy trap to fall into in college, especially when you go home for the summer or interact with old friends. But this narcissism only works to set them apart further from their family and friends.

They're both really sneaky.

Lets be honest, being truthful sucks. Brian and Roger hate it even more. They rarely come clean the first time they're asked about something. So next time your parents ask about your grades try coming clean about the D in Calc instead of blaming the TA.

Neither of them are particularly good people.

Everyone makes poor choices, whether it's going out on a Thursday instead of studying, or stabbing a lady through the heart with a Katana. Either way, Roger and Brian are shining examples of long lives of poor choices and low morals.

They don't really like to fit in.

In the end we are all different and unique. Whether you are raised in a seemingly perfect family or a family always in turmoil everyone has their flaws. Both Roger and Brian illustrate the many problems people and families face in the everyday life.

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