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People Tell Us How Their Phones Have Totally Changed The Way They Manage Their Lives

When your phone is such a vital part of your life, it's important to have a reliable, unlimited network to keep your life running smoothly.

Taking care of daily finances

Staying connected with your family

Becoming my own gourmet chef

Staying on top of adulting tasks

Syncing and scheduling workouts

Finding therapy in music notes

Embracing the life of a fact-checker

Transforming the travel game

Finding peace in crazy commutes

Creating a community of fellow book lovers

Animations by Tyler Naugle / © BuzzFeed 2018

If you want to stay closely connected to your family, MetroPCS has a network covering 99% of people in the US. Plus, whether it’s podcasts, games, or music, you’ll enjoy fast, unlimited LTE data.

Based on talk and text coverage. On all plans, if congested, fraction of customers using >35GB/mo. May notice reduced speeds due to prioritization. Video streams at 480p. No tethering.