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Paid PostSep 14, 2018

7 Reasons Why Hiking Is The New Yoga

Hiking is surpassing yoga in terms of popularity — and it's with good reason!

1. The view from a good hike is way better than the view from your favorite yoga studio...

...even if you’re doing a headstand in the picture.

2. Human beings have an innate predisposition to be outside in nature.

Hiking gets us outside and out of the studio!

3. Once you have the right shoes, hiking is totally free!

And you're never far from a trail — even if you live in a big city.

4. Hiking is a full-body workout.

Hiking will get your heart rate up while working your core and legs. And since it's a weight-bearing exercise, it can boost bone density.

5. Since hiking is better in a group, it's the perfect way to catch up with friends!

But you wouldn't want to strike up a convo in downward dog.

6. If sitting and meditating in a studio isn't your thing, you can mediate on the trail.

Walking meditation can help us tune in to the experiences you miss when you rush through life.

7. And hiking maybe even improves brain function.

Studies have shown walking in nature decreases anxiety while increasing working memory performance.

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