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12 Of The Creepiest Creatures To Ever Wash Up On Shore

The ocean is filled with beauty and... some pretty creepy things. Here are a few organisms that just look better way down deep in those waves as opposed to on our pristine beaches. And to learn more about the most debated sea creature of all time, watch Mermaids: The New Evidence, Sunday, May 26th at 10pm on Animal Planet.

1. This "giant squid"

David McNew / Getty Images

Pardon me sir.

2. This "wolf fish"

crazywtf / Via Twitter: @crazywtf

May I see some ID?

3. This "puffer fish"

fecal_face / Via

What kind of accent is that?

4. This "killer whale"


Wow, I don't think I've even heard of that place. What is the length of your visit?

5. This "sturgeon fish"

Live 5 News / Via

Where were you planning on staying?

6. This "mermaid"

Animal Planet

Ha ha, no seriously. What are you actually doing here?

7. This "man o' war"

Jayjay P / Via Flickr: jayjayp

Are you here to collect any kind of intelligence for a foreign government?

8. This "stargazer"

onelegsandpiper / Via Twitter: @onelegsandpiper

Sorry. These are just some routine questions. Please answer as honestly as possible and you'll be on your way.

9. This "fin whale"

GUIDO BENSCHOP/AFP/Getty Images / Getty Images

Have you already purchased a return ticket?

10. This "maybe killer whale"

Courtesy of Vince Soodin

Oh... so this isn't even your final destination?

11. This "cownose ray"

qnr / Via Flickr: qnr

Please don't cause a scene, sir. As I already mentioned, we ask everyone who crosses our border these kinds of questions.

12. And seriously whatever this is

gariphic / Via

Thank you for your understanding. Safe travels!