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5 Stock Photos For Those Of Us Without A Happy Place

Here are five happy places there’s no shame in appropriating…at least according to copyright law!

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Close your eyes and think of a place where you feel engulfed in love, like an electric blanket of possibility…your happy place, if you will. Got nothing? Well you’re in luck, because here are five happy places there’s no shame in appropriating…at least according to copyright law.

THE Beach


THE Beach isn’t just any beach; it’s every sexy Hollywood movie beach. It’s every hope you have on a beautiful summer’s day before pulling up to some actual beach that’s choking in moist tourists and germ-encrusted litter. Gaze into THE beach’s swaying palms, it’s undulating waves, it’s city of sand mounds that won’t give you that gross feeling between your toes like some ordinary beach. You are warm. You are safe. You are in a picture with great color saturation.

A Starry Night


Looking for a happy place with a bit more depth? Want to feel smart, but also really small? Then A Starry Night is perfect for you! Come ponder how most of the visible stars no longer exist because light takes it’s time traveling and the universe is so big, and also how you totally could have been an astronaut if you applied yourself. Your story is whatever you tell yourself it is. No actual cosmological knowledge required.

Your Green Escape


The hills are alive with a song just for you in this epic stock photo. Feel the glory of standing atop a mountain without any of the sweaty hassle or danger of climbing an actual mountain. Imagine removing your shoes to feel the smooth rock and worm-less moss. Breathe in. Breathe out. Is this not the purist fake air you’ve ever tasted? Anyone can project himself or herself into this image, but only you can be the you in Your Green Escape!

Exploration Range


Get in touch with your inner adventurer by picturing yourself floating over these picturesque hills in mankind’s most whimsical air device. Perfect for the restless mind-traveler for whom one happy place is never enough. With this infinite-for-the-price-of-one deal, imagine your balloon soaring anywhere and everywhere your imagination has to offer! No risk of crash or contracting helium voice here (unless that’s something you want)!

A Redwood Haze


Burst out of your daily drudgery by journeying through this mystical redwood forest! (We think they’re redwoods at least…hey, it is a stock photo, so they can be any trees you damn want!) Can you hear the flutter of fairy wings? Can you see a centaur bustling through? Can you feel the presence of a glittering vampire, ready to make love to you on a blanket of grass as the sun burns him into oblivion? Yes! The trees will not judge you!

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