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    Here Are 17 Hamsters Who've Stuffed Their Cheeks Way Too Full And I'd Die For Every Single One Of Them

    These guys are really hamming it up.

    We've all bitten off a little more than we could chew at one point or another, but these 17 hamsters take that to whole new level.

    1. Like this hamster who looks ready to make a break for it. Good thing he saved some food for later.

    2. Or this guy who was caught in a perfectly candid and cheek-stuffed moment.

    3. And then there's this little noodle who looks ready for the winter in more ways than one.

    4. Oh, and we can't forget that there's only one thing cuter than all those stuffed cheeks, and that's a giant pile of snoozing hamsters getting some serious cuddles in.

    5. Then there's this little rascal just nibbling away.

    6. And this cutie who looks like she was just caught by Mystery, Inc. and is currently saying, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for these stuffed cheeks!"

    7. And we can't forget this #model. Forget Zoolander and his Blue Steel. We'll call this pose... Blue Wheel.

    8. And here are these two puff-balls who are beyond tuckered out after a long day of doing absolutely nothing. Sleep, my little fur balls... Sleep.

    9. And this guy who's no doubt thinking to himself, "I'll just hide a little off the top and eat the rest. They'll never know..."

    10. Be sure not to mess with this hamster's stash, or he'll be MAD!

    11. And let's not forget the age-old tongue twister: How much food could a hamster stuff if a hamster could stuff food?

    12. Or this lil' guy who's a fan of pink and glitter. Fabulous taste!

    13. And then there's this hamster who lives by the motto of "If I can't see you, you can't see me." Too bad he isn't in the photo, and all we can see is an empty mug.

    14. Let's not forget this inspiring lad. He knows it's not going to fit, but that's not going to keep him from trying!

    15. Or the latest and greatest technology on the market. You use a mouse for your computer? At this office, we use hamsters.

    16. And what about this duo? I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to play leap frog when your cheeks are stuffed.

    17. And last but certainly not least, this little guy who just wants to leave, but the door handle is three feet off the ground and he's only five inches.

    You got hamster pics? Well, we want to see them! Tell us all about your furry little puff balls in the comments below! 👇