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    These Trans Women Have Messages For Their Moms On Mother's Day

    "Thank you for always loving me, for receiving me as my authentic and unapologetic self. I love you mom."

    Geena and her mom Beth

    Geena Rocero

    "Thank you for all of your sacrifice, leaving the Philippines, moving to San Francisco, working at very difficult jobs even though I know that you just wanted to continue being a school teacher. All of the loneliness, pain, and difficulty living in a new country just so you can give us a better life. Everyday I speak about your heart, your courage for accepting my transition and for being my biggest cheerleader for all of my dreams. The love that you've given me is the love that I get to proudly share to the world! Ma, I LOVE YOU very much."

    Lourdes and her mom Vivian

    Lourdes Ashley Hunter

    "Mom, you mean everything to me. My rock, my muse, my joy. You have always been there for me. Passing down wisdom and ritual. Reminding me that I am love, that I am enough. You have shown me just how great I can be. You have taught me to lead with love and to always love myself. Thank you for always loving me, for receiving me as my authentic and unapologetic self. I love you mom. ♡"

    Zoë and her mom Nancy

    Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña

    "My life is full of gifts from you: love of hikes and woods, paintings and poetry, and most of all the simple joy of time spent together talking (and ideally drinking lots of coffee). You sent me flowers a year after I came out and nobody had ever done that before, given me flowers. I kept them for months. It breaks my heart sometimes how lucky I am to have you. Happy Mother's Day — eat some tasty breakfast food!!"

    Trixie and her mom Gigi

    Trixie Maristela

    "I don't even know where to begin, all I know is that my love for you doesn't have an end. Words won't be enough but let me make it short and simple - A million thanks for the reassuring smile every time I feel down and the years of sacrifices you made to make sure I'll grow up with good values. Happy Mother's day!"

    Trace and her mom Lin

    Trace Kelsey Peterson

    "I admire you so much, Mom. Thank you for a lifetime of beautiful writing and thinking about poetry, language, and interpretation. You're an important role model for me when it comes to remembering and recognizing the pleasures of thinking, and also when it comes to understanding what it means to be a woman, and what one can do with that. Thank you for your brilliance and your strength. Love, Trace"

    Bobbi and her mom Francie


    "Happy Mothers Day, Mom! Thank you for showing me how to be a mom and for inspiring me to live a life of curiosity. You're the best! Love, Your daughter Bobbi"

    Heart and her mom Nelin


    "Looking back, have I ever made you feel loved? Am I able to make you feel how important you are to me? That I am truly grateful for having you as my mother? I am taking this chance to make you feel special in the best way I know. Thank you Mama for everything. Thank you for supporting and believing in me in so many different ways. Can't imagine life without you. Happy Mothers' day and I love you."

    Aaryn and her mom Donna

    Aaryn Lang

    "Thank you for constantly inspiring me to keep going. Thank you for giving me roots, so that I can fly. Thank you for loving me more than any expectations you had of my life. Thank you for being fine, so that I too could be fine! I love you, Mothra! I hope this is a cute enough gift cause I am broke!"

    Aaleyah and her mom Linda

    Aaleyah Reitz

    "Mom, I would love to thank you for being there through my transition and supporting me. I love you so much."

    Bianca and her mom Maria

    Bianca Rey

    "Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for your support and unconditional love. You are such an amazing woman with a heart that is full of empathy, care, and compassion. You have always protected us and continue to protect us even though we're all grown up. I am very grateful, appreciative, and blessed to have you and to call you Mom. I love you with all my heart!"

    Maira and her mom Nancy

    Maira Della Pia

    “Mom, when you accepted me being trans, you gave me a solid base from which to go confidently and seek out happiness. Preparing to come out to you was stressful because of the thought of losing my relationship with you. Since then, I have appreciated every little bit of advice and guidance that you've offered. I love that the biggest problem you have had with my transition is your insistence that I wear a bra.

    Cherno and Mama Biko

    Cherno Biko

    "I remember how you brought me back to life with the power of love. I remember being born and all the sacrifices you made as a single mother. Thank you for teaching me how to perform Black Girl Magic. Everything I do is to make you proud."