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    This Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To Revolutionize Trans Storytelling

    Brit Fryer, whose short film Trans-ience won him an Ignite Fellowship from Sundance to attend the festival and get started in the industry, wants to explore black trans masculinity in new and exciting ways.

    Brit Fryer is a 23-year-old black trans filmmaker with ambitious goals. "I want to be one of the main voices in telling new trans stories," he told BuzzFeed News.

    Fryer is getting a head start by attending the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, going on now. He's getting to know industry professionals and see a bunch of films as part of the Sundance Ignite program for young filmmakers.

    Fryer was invited to Sundance as an Ignite Fellow on the strength of his film Trans-ience, an experimental short he shot as a senior in Carleton College, which explores his experience as an early-transitioning trans man.

    In the film, Fryer intersperses footage from his daily life with a phone call from his mom describing some of the things he used to say as a kid.

    Using voiceover in the form of spoken poetry, Fryer describes his hopes for the future...

    ... and questions how trans narratives are usually told.

    By going to Sundance, Fryer has the chance to learn from and network with established filmmakers, so that he can fulfill his dream of telling new trans stories in exciting ways.

    Watch Fryer's film Trans-ience, and follow his at adventures at Sundance on his Instagram account and through the #sundanceignite hashtag.