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Trans Artists Made These Stunning Posters For Trans Day Of Remembrance

Eight trans and gender-nonconforming artists partnered with trans advocacy organizations to create breathtaking posters that memorialize victims of anti-trans violence.

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For Transgender Day of Remembrance, coming up this Friday on November 20, the artist Micah Bazant partnered with Strong Families, a network of advocacy groups, to facilitate collaborations between trans artists and organizations that advocate for trans and gender-nonconforming people. Entitled Trans Day of Resilience, the project has produced eight visually powerful posters that both highlight the victims of anti-trans violence, and emphasize the power and resilience of the trans community in the face of oppression.

Here are the eight posters, along with their creators and the organizations they partnered with:



Trans visual artist Micah Bazant, who coordinated the project and created one of the posters, told BuzzFeed News that the endeavor is rooted in social change movements.

"I'm really excited about getting these posters into the streets for some of the trans marches of resilience," Bazant said. "It’s so inspiring to me that so many movements are supporting trans and gender-nonconforming people of color."

Bishakh Som, an artist who created a poster for the Colorado-based organization Buried Seedz of Reistance, told BuzzFeed News that they experienced a sense of belonging by participating in the project, believing that the art will allow trans people to be seen not only as victims.

"I hope to have everyone’s piece be part of a mosaic," Som said, "of building awareness around how multifaceted trans and gender-nonconforming people can be."