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Meet The Very First Transgender Bride On "Say Yes To The Dress"

"I’m marrying my king, and we will start our family together. That is my activism."

This is Precious Davis with her fiancé Myles Brady. They're getting married in Chicago this summer and both of them are transgender.

Davis said that when Brady expressed interest in her, it took time for her to be able to see herself in a relationship with a trans man.

To make her wedding even more special, Davis will appear this Friday on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta as the show's first transgender bride.


Davis didn't feel acceptance from her own family as a gender-nonconforming child. She told BuzzFeed News: "Growing up I had a lot of pain and there was no stability." She sees her wedding as her opportunity to create a family on her own terms.

"That dysfunction in my family and all of that pain, I stand on top of that and say no. I’ve conquered. I’ve come to this place. Myles and I, we are royalty, and we claim that." Davis believes that all survivors are royalty because of their resilience.

Because her wedding is one of a kind, Davis has highly specific ideas about the type of dress she wants.


"A wedding in a woman’s life is a huge moment. It’s almost healing for me that I will be honored as noble, I’m marrying my king, and we will start our family together. That is my activism," Davis said.

Davis likes the idea of a mermaid dress, but bridal consultant Monte has other ideas.


Davis isn't sure, so her friends pick out another dress for her.


In the end, Monte, along with store owner Lori and designer Lazaro, come up with a completely unique dress for their rare bride.


But will she say yes to the dress?


"I was trying not to full-on ugly cry," Davis said. "I remember standing there closing my eyes thinking, Don’t fully break down. Still be pretty."

To see if Precious Davis finds a dress fit for royalty, watch Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta on Friday, Jan. 15, at 9 p.m. on TLC.


The store owner of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta is Lori. A previous version of this article misidentified her as Robin.