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16 Faces Any Trans Woman Who's Had Sex With A Cis Guy Will Recognize

"Am I still straight?"

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1. When he tells you it’s his first time with a trans woman.

2. When he fondles your breasts then asks if they’re real.

3. When you make him gasp while giving him head.

4. When he tells you you're just as hot as a "normal" woman.

5. When he asks you whether “it” still works.

6. When he acts all macho at the club then waves his butt in your face as soon as you get in bed.

7. When he's disappointed you're not into topping.

8. When he’s never had anal sex and tries to penetrate you without lube.


9. When he has no idea how to start pleasuring you.

10. When you tell him to rub it but he keeps stroking.

11. When he finally gets the hang of treating your lady-penis like it’s an enlarged clit.

12. When you're about to climax as a woman for the first time.

13. When he FINALLY brings you to orgasm.

14. When you realize you're ready to go again right away.

15. When he tells you it's the best sex he's ever had.

16. When he asks you sheepishly if he's still straight.

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