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Does Your Content Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Digital marketers have one concern, and one concern only: increasing revenue. How is revenue generated? By conversions of course!

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Whether that be someone purchasing a good on your site or utilizing your services, conversions are what drive a business. Conversions are increased from various marketing avenues: websites, online ads, and webpages. SEO plays a large role in conversion rates, as SEO increases visibility, traffic, and ups your chances of reaching your desired audience.

As important as SEO is, there has been a bit of a shift in approaches. Instead of relying solely on strict SEO techniques to increase conversions, marketers are focusing more on the customer. There needs to be an emotional connection, as well as a clear understanding of the information being conveyed. When taking a customer-based approach, it is imperative to understand who exactly your customer is. First and foremost, your customers are people. And what do people like? Stories! Authentic ones at that.

Conversion content marketing focuses on first building brand awareness. Following brand awareness comes brand impression, followed by brand affinity, which leads to conversion. this entire process is a journey. David Bain, a host at Digital Marketing Radio describes it like this:

“There’s content you publish to increase your industry standing. Consumers of this type of content are unlikely to be ready to purchase your product immediately. But once they’re ready to buy, they’ll probably be more likely to convert. Unfortunately, an uplift in conversions in relation to this type of content is much harder to prove. But just because something’s difficult to prove, does it make it wrong to focus on?”

Before creating and publishing your content, you can use a tool to SEO optimize it (SEO Content Template on SEMrush). Meta descriptions should be included with the content, as this will significantly affect conversions. Many people neglect this, however. David Sayce, Digital Marketing Consultant says this of metadata:

“After spending time working and developing keywords (themes) and landing pages, this micro text it the attraction that can make the difference between someone clicking through to a website or not. Much like writing headlines or tweets, this micro content can be very difficult to work on, but once smart, emotive content is created, it can produce a huge uplift in the CTR to the website.”

Last but not least, it is important to focus on meeting the customers needs. Your marketing content should answer the question: why should I purchase this? You must create the need and fill it simultaneously. Using attractive visuals, clear descriptions, and intriguing messages in your content should all greatly impact your conversion rates.

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