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14 Roads You Need To Drive In Your Lifetime

Just a friendly reminder that there's a whole world waiting to be explored. #UNLEASH your inner explorer and take to some of the world's most renowned roads with the CLA, the ground-breaking new vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

1. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

2. Tianmen Mountain Road in China

3. Stelvio Pass in the Eastern Alps, Italy

4. Yungas Road in Bolivia

5. The Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys

6. The Autobahn in Germany

7. The Dadès Valley Road in High Atlas, Morocco

8. Lombard St. in San Francisco, CA

9. The Nikkō Irohazaka in Japan

10. The Col de Turini in France

11. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates

12. Serra do Rio do Rastro's SC-438 in Santa Catarina, Brazil

13. The Millau Viaduct in France

14. The Transfăgărășan in Romania