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    Kittens Get Their Own Newborn Photo Shoots

    Kittens vs Babies: the ultimate (and most adorable) battle of all time. Who's cuter? Who's cuddlier? Who brings out our cute aggression and makes our human brains scream "MUST HUG"? Kittens, of course!

    Check out this sweet baby angel, Luna.

    This will be the photo I show my mom everytime she asks when she's getting grandbabies.

    Who needs grandkids when you could have grandKITTENS?

    Brb, need to go take hug the fluff out of a pillow.


    And these pure, tiny, almost upsettingly kissable toe beans.

    My heart can't handle any more.

    Okay, maybe it can.

    Guys, it's a Flying Purrito.

    Bee-lieve it or not, I'm walkin' on air because these kittens are too much.

    He's workin' on his roar! (insert crying tears of joy emoji here)

    Or this purr-ecious princess, Elsa.

    Do you want to build a snowcat? It doesn't have to be a snowcat.

    So, who is cuter? Kittens or babies?