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    7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Orange Tabby Cats

    Orange you glad I didn't make a cat pun?

    1. The orange tabby cat is not a breed - it's a color.

    2. Their unique orange color comes from a specific pigment—pheomelanin—the same pigment that produces red hair in humans.


    4. The "Magnificent M" marking on a tabby's forehead is said to come from the Virgin Mary herself.

    5. Talk about friends in high places - Winston Churchill had an orange tabby cat named Tango.

    6. Orange tabby cats are almost always male: there are 80 males to every 20 females.

    7. They're often called the "Mellow Yellows" of the cat world.

    8. Does your orange cat have particular characteristics? Tell us about them! We love to learn more.