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Eat These Foods And You Will Be Happy

Eating an entire tub of ice cream might make you feel happy for the moment, but these foods can keep you happy for awhile! Celebrate the fresh, positive way of life with Mentos. Like our Facebook to learn more.


Chocolate is delicious AND a mood enhancer! (It is even disputed that it helps in the area of love, as depicted in this photo.)


Not only do eating oranges make you feel better, you can make yourself smile by sticking the rind in your mouth!


Have you ever had tofutti cutie ice cream sandwich? So good.


Popeye was awesome. You want to be awesome, right? Spinach it is, then.


The goofy milk mustaches are also a plus.


I knew there was something fishy with her smile!


They are even better when they are raining down upon you... or juggling them. I can't quite tell.


Do you see this guy? Do you see how excited he is to eat blueberries? You could could be this guy.


You are what you eat! Happy and avocado-y.


You will see the light (of grapefruit). Just do it.