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Which Mental Note Sophomore Are You?

They survived year one; come celebrate at a concert with an after party that they don't have to clean up.

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  1. How do you feel about cold weather?

    Not a problem with the right jacket! =]
    It sucks.
  2. Pick a frat basement activity:

    Playing Pong
    Talking to other A Cappella people
    Snapchatting videos of your friends, singing
  3. What did you get in trouble for during rehearsal?

    Talking to Eusman
    Giggling when we're about to start singing
    Being on your phone
  4. The Mental Notes go on tour! You are...

    Taking care of others... While blackout
    Trying not to think about the amount of homework you have due
    Making new friends!
  5. What Harry Potter magic would you utilize?

    A Time Turner, to catch up on sleep
    Apparition, to go from activity to activity
    A Love Potion, to use on VP Joe Biden
  6. What nickname do you call Arjun Tambe, Music Director?

    Mama Jun
  7. Pick a Hopkins grad:

    Woodrow Wilson
    Michael Bloomberg
    Josh Abady

Which Mental Note Sophomore Are You?

You got: Jenna Bellantoni

As the group's Secretary, you make sure everyone has their music. As the group's shortest member, you make sure everyone feels like a GIANT standing next to you. You may "hate everyone... and pants!" but we know you love us, and the feeling's mutual.

Jenna Bellantoni
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You got: Teagan Nibbi

Even though you may be personally responsible for 30% of Arjun's premature graying, you're a valued member of the group. Beneath that douche bag exterior is someone who just wants to be a good friend, have a good time, and make love to VP Joe Biden. Stay good good, Lil T.

Teagan Nibbi
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You got: Rachel Underweiser

What would we do without your positive energy and awesome Instagram skills? You're always involved in something, be it sorority life, Peabody voice lessons, Hillel, Throat Culture... When do you sleep, Rundy? Drink a dirty chai for us.

Rachel Underweiser
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