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Which Mental Note Junior Are You?

A graduating class that spans three Newbie Classes. A collective height that spans over 6.9 feet.

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  1. What song is "the one that got away"?

    Don't Bring Me Down
    The "Broccoli" Parody
    Baba Yetu
  2. What are you most likely to post in the GroupMe?

    "Hi Jenna"
    Only the dankest of memes
    Bad puns
    Actual info that is subsequently ignored
  3. Pick a flavor:

    Salted Caramel
  4. You're stranded on a deserted island with the Mental Notes. What one item would you bring?

    A segway
    A pint of Ben & Jerry's
    My computer; my professors don't accept being "stranded on a deserted island" as an excuse for late work
    Sheet music, but only 'cause I'm teacher's pet
  5. Pick a Postit Note (Mental Alum) that best represents you:

  6. It's time to paint the concert banner! You...

    Drew the design, redrew the design, begged Tucker for help
    Taped my hands together to avoid doing work
    Made everyone lunch
    Showed up early to iron the sheet
  7. When's the last time you were ~scantily clad in public?

    Does peeing off of Arjun's balcony count?
    At The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Spring Fair, probably
    Right now!
  8. Choose a hardship:

    Giving up caffeine
    Being concussed
    Putting cactus needles in my mouth
    Getting a rug burn from power sliding

Which Mental Note Junior Are You?

You got: Alex Eusman

With your timeliness, love of order, and frequent usage of the DMC, you were born to be the group's business manager. While some may see you as neurotic, there's nothing wrong with being detail oriented, and you know how to have a good time, too.

Alex Eusman
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You got: Ryan Freedman

The newest addition to the class of 2018 Notes, you round us out with your surface-level normalcy. We know the real, naked, goofy you, though, and we're so glad that you're around to lift us up (metaphorically and literally) and learn to beat box on the spot.

Ryan Freedman
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You got: Dan Smillie

Oh, President Dan. You're a spirited guy, and you care about everyone in the group both as musicians and friends. Although you can be ridiculous at times, you're also seriously musical and an incredible asset to any Trivia Team or meme squad, Rat King.

Dan Smillie
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You got: Renee Scavone

In addition to being very good at making Buzzfeed quizzes, you've also got a knack for puns and multitasking. Although you can be a strong proponent of the No Fun Ever rule, your meat-filled posters and weird skit writing prove your inner Mental-ness.

Renee Scavone
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