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Social Media Finds "Lemonade" Easter Egg

Turns out Bey wasn't just giving us dirt on her relationship with Jay.

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Last spring's surprise visual album is up for a handful of Grammy's this weekend, and with Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, social media is abuzz with excitement for 3 Carters to be onstage.

Okay, so like who's excited for tomorrow? So much is happening! A performance! New material! Awards! Appearance of twins! BEYONCÉ! #GRAMMYs

If Beyoncé, five months pregnant with twins, still performs at the Grammys tomorrow, I will lose it.

Lose it in a good way.

But users are also catching onto a small Easter Egg Bey & co left for us in "Lemonade"

Instagram: @celebritykidsmemes3


Most fans are happy the universe is giving her what it seems she's always wanted.

Plot Twist: Maybe Beyoncé has always wanted three kids and isn't a sorceress?? 🤔

Ask and you shall receive.

It seems like Beyoncé been putting it out in the universe that she wanted three kids for the longest. I didn't even catch that in Lemonade.

It was right there in front of us.

But some fans are leaning into the conspiracy theories

Anybody gonna talk about how Beyoncé's gonna have three kids aka a triangle aka ILLUMINATI

Either way... only Bey can truly #breaktheinternet

GWR confirms that @Beyonce’s pregnancy post has shattered Instagram with an incredible world record title >…

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