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This New App Allows You To Send Time Capsules To Your Future Self And We're Obsessed

Because future-you deserves to be reminded of the fabulousness of present-day-you.

By now, you've already lived a hell of a life — and it's worth reminding yourself every now and then just how rich it's been.

Person standing on a rock raising both hands to the sky

But if your highest highs, lowest lows and everything else in between have been captured and stored on smartphones, in voice notes and on social, it might feel like they're less "precious memories" and more "memory-eating extras."

A photo of a smartphone's camera app taking a photo of many high rise buildings.

That's where the legends behind the app Memories come in.

They've made it incredibly easy to safely store your most cherished mems in formats that not only help you revisit the past, but also allow you to tell your own story.

A smartphone showing a Memories app timeline of Amy Collins, and a memory from 1972.

Memories also makes it a breeze to import everything you've captured on Insta or uploaded to Facebook.

And not only can you document your own life story, you can also speak to yourself (and whoever else you choose) in the future by scheduling messages.

For added peace of mind, everything in the app is totally ad-free and only you get to determine the privacy settings of each timeline and message.

If you can't remember the last time you planned to make a time capsule or even opened a photo album, Memories has your name written all over it.

Make sure you never forget about that seriously cool festival you went to or Mum's 40th birthday by getting Memories today.