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Here’s The Real Issue With The Way Donald Trump Talks To Hillary Clinton

How one question from the first debate highlights the problematic way Trump views women

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It's not the near constant interrupting or shouting over other candidates. And it's not the incredibly juvenile eye rolling and face making.

It's the denigrating tone that seeps into his comments.

In tonight's debate, it took just minutes for Trump to take on a belittling tone.

"Now in all fairness to Secretary Clinton… yes? Is that okay? Good, I want you to be very happy. It's very important to me," Trump said while Clinton nodded and smiled indulgently.

It's not new behavior. Just ask Megyn Kelly. She went head to head with Trump on the issue during the Republican debate in August 2015 over his use of derogatory terms toward women.

And it's the topic of a video titled "Mirrors" released by the Clinton campaign just yesterday.

In just a short exchange during tonight's debate, Trump calls into question the respect owed to Clinton. He's just making her happy after all.

Clinton's behavior is also problematic, but It's one many women might find relatable- that moment when, while trying to remain gracious, you sweep an offense under the rug. You might even make an apology that something about you caused the uncomfortable exchange to come up in the first place. It's an unfortunate learned behavior many of us are guilty of.

When I was growing up if my friends addressed my mother as "Mrs. Paton" I would correct them. My mother holds a Ph. D. in higher education law. It's a title she earned. She never corrected people outside the office, but my father did and I learned to too.

It's not taboo after all to use a title a woman has worked hard to earn, much the same way it would be appropriate to use the term when addressing a man.

The real issue is the insinuation that having the title is in some way not a positive for a woman.

Not only is it good that Trump addressed Secretary Clinton as such, it is correct.

With female leaders now heading two of the G8 countries this interaction is an issue that could take center stage in the future, especially since Trump has struggled to maintain respectful interactions with anyone he's faced off with, male or female.

Trump's comment wasn't missed by women on twitter.

Okay the way trump speaks to women is disgusting if he asked me if he can call me "secretary" like he just asked her I would've slapped him

Yes, Trump. Secretary Clinton. That's her title. Use it. #debatenight

When Trump asked if he could call Hillary "Secretary Clinton" she shoulda said, "DAMN STRAIGHT I earned that title!" #debates #debates2016

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