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USA Hockey Wins Gold Against Canada

On January 5th Team USA hockey played Canada in a Gold Medal game for the World Juniors that was also being held in Canada.

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Oh, Mamma don't you cry! USA Hockey is DO or Die!

IIHF Hockey / Via Facebook: iihfhockey

The race to gold all began on Dec 26, 2016, with ten countries trying to get what they came for, the title that they can bring back home to their country. As the Preliminary Round went on the United States played against countries like Latvia, Slovakia, Russia and Canada and since they were able to win all four games (if you don't know hockey; the winner of that game gets two points), and when you add those points up it shows that the United States were able to get eight points in the tournament and were able to take the top standings of Group B. Next, came the Quarterfinals which the United States were going to play against the Swiss. Now, the United States were winning with a 2-0 lead, but somehow the Swiss were able to fight back tying the game with both goals by Nico Hischier, but luckily, Team USA member Jordan Greenway was able to score a powerplay goal for the USA, which was able to break the tie between the Swiss team and help them move on to another important game of the tournament. A game that was against the Russians.

Now, if any of you guys are hockey fans like I am; you know that the last couple of times that Russia played against us in World Juniors; it did not turn out so well for Team USA, but I believed that this was going to be different for the boys in red, white and blue. At first, Team Russia had scored first, but Team USA was able to score! As the second period came, the same thing happened again with Russia scoring a goal and the USA coming back to make it 2-2. The period was almost done and this time Team USA was able to make the game 3-2. But, as the third period went on; Russia had scored (making the game once again tied) and it broke the hearts of USA fans that were watching the game, yet we were all hoping that somehow when overtime came someone in red, white, or blue would score. Overtime came and left, with no one scoring for either Russia or the United States, next came the shootouts, but luckily this USA team had their own T.J. Oshie, and his name was Troy Terry. He was able to score three times in the shootout for Team USA which helped them lifted the ban, to get to the Gold medal game.

Troy Terry scoring the shootout goal against the Russians

American hero Troy Terry clinches a spot in the gold medal game

Here comes the Canadians

IIHF Hockey / Via

If any of you guys are a hockey fan you would know that a big rival against the United States besides the Russians would have to be the Canadians. It always painful not winning against them and I am pretty sure that they can agree with the fact that they think it is always painful when we win against them. Sure, the Canadians had some pretty good players on their team, but us USA fans had faith in our team. That was until Canada had scored not once, but twice against us in first period. But, the second period was a whole different story for the USA team. Goals by Charlie McAvoy and Kieffer Bellows helped red, white and blue make the game 2-2. But, in the third period, it was a whole different story for both countries. Canada was able to make it 4-2 against the USA, and just watching that broke my heart (like I said it is sucks losing against them), but once again we had another goal from Bellows and a goal from Colin White. Once again the game was tied and at this point of the game, it was going to overtime. Both goalies were very good so good that you felt like watching twenty minutes of OT was going drive you insane. But, no goals were scored and the only way the winner of this game was going to be decided was going to be a shootout. One by one a player would try and score on either Canada's goalie or USA's goalie, but none had any luck. That is until Troy Terry, once again became the hero for the United States. Helping the United States win 5-4 and become goal medal champs. This win was also the fourth time that the Americans were able to win gold in the tournament.

If you are wondering where I got the Oh, mama don't you cry. USA Hockey is Do or Die here is where ;)

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