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Which suitemate of Benfer 302 are you????

Welcome to Benfer 302, also known as Babecave Boulevard, or Ratchet Road, or whatever. When we’re not rehearsing or studying we might try sleeping for once.

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  1. Where is your hometown

    "Hicksville but bougy"
    more farms than people
    little india
    the ocean is your front yard
    west bubble
    literally here
  2. Who is your dance faculty alter ego?

    Patti B
    Randall Anthony Smith
    Who are all of these people?
  3. What is your coffee order

    any form will do, just keep it coming
    love hate relationship with dining hall coffee
    caramel latte
    French vanilla creamer is life
    literally anything but coffee
    white chocolate mocha
    is there whisky in there?
  4. The weekend of 12/2-12/4 was a shit show. What was your part in it?

    you kicked out your roommate for mysterious reasons
    who knows? you were MIA all weekend
    you set off the fire alarm in Benfer
    you stole a jar of marshmallow fluff from the football house
    you drunk cried into your boyfriend's face
    you threw up on the couch
    your formal date threw up on the couch
  5. Pets?

    you stole your neighbor's cat and assimilated it into your home
    you have dogs that no one knows about
    crazy dog lady
    you have two dogs but everyone thinks its just one because you show so much favoritism
    one of those small fancy dogs
    you named your cacti
  6. What is your GQ order?

    daily yogurt parfait
    mac and cheese bites
    quesadilla with avocado and tomato
    mozz sticks
    chicken tenders
    Ben and Jerry's
    GQ food makes you throw up
  7. Which Phineas and Ferb character do you identify with most?

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz
    Perry the Platypus
  8. It's the middle of the day. What are you doing

    watching the office
    playing the ukulele in your hammock
    eating peanut butter while in bed
    sitting in bed with a laptop
    spraining your ankle
    who knows? you're pretty damn mysterious
  9. Starwars alter ego?

    Darth Vader
    Luke Skywalker
    Obi wan Kenobi
    Sith Lord
    Han Solo
    idk never seen it

Which suitemate of Benfer 302 are you????

You got: Maddie

You got Maddie! Sometimes you go missing for days at a time, but deep down you’re just a fun-loving gal who loves playing guitar and hanging out with your friends. When you’re not chilling with your homies you are probably forcing them to star in some weird film project. You are truly the definition of swag and you are always down for a good time, even when your billy reuben levels say otherwise.

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You got: Melissa

You got Melissa, the noodle of the bunch. At any given moment you can be found studying, dancing, or screaming *literally* about global climate change. Nothing gets under your skin like plastic water bottles and you aren’t afraid to let EVERYONE know. You probably take too many showers (while listening to Disney music) and you have an unhealthy obsession with chlorox. Also, if we are being honest, you love your plants and fish more than your suitemates.

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You got: Julia

Ahhh Julia. The dairy-free artist. You live to draw those naked bodies in art class, but you’re also a casual pre-med neuroscience major and an aspiring Derek Sheppard. You are quite the sass master and you truly take pride in it. You also have a weird obsession with Star Wars that runs so deep, it’s a miracle you are even a functioning human! Peace, love & Darth Vader.

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You got: Ari

You’re Ari! You prioritize sleep over everyone and everything else and anyone who wakes you should fear for their life. You are the next level of lightweight and can get drunk by just sniffing alcohol! You’re a fashionista with a special place in your heart for Coco Chanel but you also have more shoes than all of your suitemates combined which is a little overboard. You’re also casually studying abroad as a sophomore, but you’re leaving your suitemates behind, which makes you the ultimate bitch.

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You got: Jess

You got Jess! You seem small, cute, and normal on the outside, but in reality you are low key crazy and you live for order and cleanliness. You mooch off of everyone else’s clothing and shoes but you repay them with your kind soul and your vast array of delicious snacks. Aside from your subtle clean-freak tendencies, you truly have a warm heart and are actually a pretty decent human being, I guess. Go you!

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You got: Margo

Congrats! You’re Margo! You have a hammock suspended under your bed, you drive a soccer mom van, and you play the ukulele so do we even have to say more? You are like super chill and multi-talented in every area of life which can be pretty annoying when all of your friends are human trash. It’s okay though because deep down you’re still pretty weird, you wear sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable, and you may or may not have almost burned down Benfer twice…

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You got: Nikki

You’re Nikki G! You probably went through a Goth stage in middle school, but it’s cool because now you have an uber cool sense of style and you can pull off a choker like no one else. You may have a slight problem getting anywhere on time and you pull too many all-nighters but hey that’s what college is for. Over all you’re an extremely messy person, but you still have your life together enough to write 45 pages about orange juice, which is honestly the most impressive thing ever.

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