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What's Your Standby (Super Easy) Dinner After A Long Day?

We want to know.

We've all been there: It's the end of a long day and you're starving β€” and the LAST thing you want to do is spend forever in the kitchen.

Food Network

But you've got to eat! Delivery's a no-go β€” and you need to cook something fast, delicious, and more satisfying than a PB&J.

So what do you make? What's your default dinner?


Maybe it's a meal you can knock out in 15 minutes β€” and never get tired of:

This one's ready even faster if you start with rotisserie chicken.

Recipe: Chicken & Avocado Burritos

Or it's something that uses grocery store staples you always keep on hand:

Joe Lingeman / The Kitchn

Doesn't get much easier than this. Shoutout to the TJ's freezer aisle! πŸ™Œ

Recipe: Easy Trader Joe's Potsticker Stir-Fry

Maybe it's something you quickly bulk-prep at the beginning of the week:

That way, you don't even run into the "what should I make??" problem.

Recipe: Meal Prep Greek Couscous Salad

Or maybe it's a family-style meal that basically makes itself in the Instant Pot:

Toss everything in, turn it on, then feast!

Recipe: Instant Pot Mac 'n' Cheese With Broccoli

Whatever it is, we want to know about it. Share your best easy dinner ideas in the comments below and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post! 🍽