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Do You Have A Question You Want To Ask A Professional Therapist? Leave It Here

We'll get as many answered as we can.

Therapy can be an incredible, life-changing resource — and these days, there are more ways than ever to gain access to it. Still, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start.

So we wanted to team up with a professional therapist to answer some questions you may have around therapy — whether you've been going for a while, or you're thinking about starting.

Maybe you've been in therapy for a few months and you have a question you're not comfortable asking your own therapist. For example, what should you do if it's been several sessions — and you and your therapist aren't really clicking?

Maybe you're intrigued by the thought of starting therapy for the first time — but aren't sure where to begin. Or you're not sure if the issue you're experiencing is "right" for therapy.

A therapist telling her skeptical first-time client, "I didn't think you believed in therapy"

Or maybe you want to zero in on a type of therapy — like couples therapy or family therapy — but you aren't sure how to ask the other person (or people) in your life to join you.

A couple attending an in-person therapy session

If you have a question about something related to therapy, leave it below — and it might be answered by a therapist in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. ✨