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20 Ways To Display Keepsakes From Your Travels And Trips

Adventure-worthy decor.

1. Use photos from your travels to make a massive accent wall:

2. Or just pick one favorite and turn it into a canvas print:

3. Photocopy old plane and train tickets onto colored cardstock, then frame them:

4. Or try something similar with old passport stamps:

Definitely beats banishing expired passports to the forgotten shoebox under the bed. Instructions here.

5. Make display-worthy keepsake boxes for each of your favorite destinations:

6. Turn a photo set into vintage-inspired Polaroid coasters.

7. Use a chalkboard map to continuously add to your journeys:

8. Upcycle old maps into a pretty garland:

Learn how to do this here.

9. Or commemorate a road trip by stitching the route into one of them:

10. If you collect specific souvenirs, get them out of storage and into sight — whether that's coins:

Instructions here.

11. Or key chains:

More here and here.

12. Or mugs:

More here.

13. Display beach trinkets — from sand to shells — in clear glass bottles:

Filed under: Ways To Get Through The Winter Blues. Get the instructions.

14. A personalized shadowbox is a great way to display memories from a summer or a study abroad trip:

15. Get your Instagram photos printed into a desktop calendar:

16. Use a mounted wall cubby to mix 'n' match smaller travel trinkets:

17. Or create one big centerpiece cubby by upcycling an old desk drawer:

18. Create an easy (and eye-catching!) postcard display:

More inspiration here, here, and here.

19. Transform a plain tabletop into something travel-inspired:

You can use a map or a favorite destination print for the top. Total cost for this project, minus the old table? $2. More here.

20. Keep things classic with a scrapbook or travel binder:

More tips here and here.

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