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    15 Super Practical Things That Made The Toddler Years A Bit Easier For My Family

    These have all come in so handy.

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    Hey there! 👋 I'm Melissa, and I've got a tiny human who's about to turn three.

    So in the spirit of primetime toddlerhood, I wanted to put together a list of the small things that have made this ~stage~ a bit easier.

    1. A toddler electric toothbrush (instead of a manual one) for easier bedtime brushing.

    (Also if you're in the starter brushing stages and your kid — like mine — goes crazy for Elmo, know that this how-to video exists!👇)

    View this video on YouTube

    Although, fair warning, the song will get stuck in your head forever.

    2. A tiny Wet brush for post-bath detanglement that won't cause a fuss.

    3. A stretchable silicone lid and straw that turns just about any cup or glass into a toddler-friendly one.

    4. These faucet extenders for washing little hands that can't quite reach yet.

    5. A pair of acupressure bracelets to help combat motion sickness.

    6. For a free, fun and (loosely) educational YouTube channel that's not terrible: Blippi.

    7. An inexpensive (yet extremely durable) set of plates and bowls that are safe for both the dishwasher and microwave.

    8. A duo of useful potty training books — one for you, one for them.

    9. The almighty Aquaphor for dry or irritated skin.

    10. My unsung hero of toddler travel: sticker books.

    11. And a travel-friendly pair of tiny headphones for times when books won't cut it — and you need an immediate, no-fail distraction.

    12. A toddler friendly-SPF that absorbs well and isn't greasy.

    13. And the pool trinity: a toddler swim vest (that works), water shoes (that don't hurt), and sunglasses (that won't break).

    14. A functional tabletop paper roll — so they can draw and color as much as they want — without taking up the real estate of a bulky easel.

    15. For car soundtracks that aren't Baby Shark on repeat: Raffi and Music Together.

    View this video on YouTube

    As a kid raised on Raffi tunes myself, I'm happy to report that they still absolutely hold up! (And they're all available on Spotify.) My kid also loves the Music Together playlist — they're songs from the nationwide kids' music class that you might already be familiar with locally.

    Stream them on Spotify or download them (here and here) on Amazon.

    What products or online resources did you find most useful during the toddler years? Let me know in the comments!