This Halloween Dog Parade Was Better Than Any Human Parade

    Dogs win at everything, clearly.

    On Saturday, the 24th Annual Halloween Dog Parade was held in New York's Tompkins Square Park — and as usual — the costumes did not disappoint.

    There were superheroes:

    And sidekicks:

    Royal kings:

    And decked-out queens:

    His Holiness:

    A loyal bellhop:

    An ice bucket challenger:

    Burger enthusiasts:

    Prospector pup:

    This team of two:

    And this one:

    And this one:

    This galaxy-approved trio:

    This proud pumpkin:

    And this one:

    This gloriously gory pair:

    And of course, Waldo, just waiting to be found:

    Pets for life, you guys.