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Show Us Your Amazing BuzzFeed Tasty Creations

Let's EAT.

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YOU GUYS. It's Tasty Tuesday!


And we want to see which Tasty recipes you've been making in the kitchen lately.

Pachee Hoerter via Tasty /
Pachee Hoerter via Tasty /

Each week, we get a ton of photos of readers trying our recipes at home — and we love seeing them:

Facebook: buzzfeedtasty

(Don't know what Tasty is? Check out our recipe videos here.)

From beautiful breakfasts...

@laurstaysfly /

Recipe & video: Eggs in Clouds crafty cocktails...

To party snacks...

@mgeidel4070 /

Recipe & video: Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Ring

...and feastworthy eats:

@franimal510 /
@lisa_food_passion /


@aylintum /

Recipe & video: Lemon Cheesecake Bites

So starting next week, we're going to feature our favorite reader photos right here on the site.

@pandapire86 /

Recipe & video: Ice Cream Churro Bowls

Tag us with #ThanksTasty on Instagram or Twitter — or share your photo in the comments below, along with the recipe link — for a chance to be featured!