17 Restaurants That Really Know How To Have Pun

    Lettuce eat.

    1. Whole Lotta Loaf:

    2. A nod to Neverland:

    3. I've got a sinking feeling about this one:

    4. This one, too:

    5. One wing to rule them all:

    6. Steven Tyler's eatery of choice:

    7. The force is strong with this one:

    8. What's on second?:

    9. Sleeping with the fishes, no doubt:

    10. Frying, trying, crying...

    11. All for the common good:

    12. Here today, gone tomorrow:

    13. LOL:

    14. Mooo(re) cheese, please:

    15. Bah yumbug?:

    16. Beverly Hills — ~That's where I want to be~:

    17. Bonus breakfast edition: