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    17 Throwback Nickelodeon Tees That Every '90s Kid Will Understand

    The temple guards were terrifying, OK?

    1. The only trophy that mattered:

    2. The only soda that mattered:

    3. A band that was ahead of their time:

    ~ahh WEE oooo~ Get it here.

    4. Real talk: The temple guards scared me every time.

    5. They always popped in when the shrine was halfway complete.

    6. And that shrine could be a beast to put together.

    7. Also? Shoutout to this team — who didn't even get to try.

    Next time, guys. Get it here.

    8. [Cues Coolio]

    9. Everything was all fun and games...

    10. Until Zeke the Plumber came along.

    11. You gotta wonder what Doug is doing these days.

    12. Helga, too.

    13. Somewhere, I have to believe this dino is still gliding around:

    Reptar on Ice, anyone? Get it here.

    14. This popsicle stick is still rhyming his way through life:

    New York City! New York State! Get it here.

    15. This French dude is still waxing poetic in a bathtub:

    16. And this lady in red is still dancing:

    17. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Why Old School Nick Was The Absolute Greatest.