17 Throwback Nickelodeon Tees That Every ’90s Kid Will Understand

The temple guards were terrifying, OK?

1. The only trophy that mattered:

Get it here.

2. The only soda that mattered:

Get it here.

3. A band that was ahead of their time:

~ahh WEE oooo~ Get it here.

4. Real talk: The temple guards scared me every time.

Get it here.

5. They always popped in when the shrine was halfway complete.

Get it here.

7. Also? Shoutout to this team — who didn’t even get to try.

Next time, guys. Get it here.

9. Everything was all fun and games…

Get it here.

10. Until Zeke the Plumber came along.

Get it here.

11. You gotta wonder what Doug is doing these days.

Get it here.

13. Somewhere, I have to believe this dino is still gliding around:

Reptar on Ice, anyone? Get it here.

14. This popsicle stick is still rhyming his way through life:

New York City! New York State! Get it here.

15. This French dude is still waxing poetic in a bathtub:

Get it here.

16. And this lady in red is still dancing:

Get it here.

17. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of Why Old School Nick Was The Absolute Greatest.

Get it here.

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