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This Photographer Combines Fandom And Legos In The Best Way Ever

The force is definitely strong here.

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It all started several years ago when he decided to photograph Lego figurines against an iconic backdrop.

"The first thing I shot was Darth Vader and the stormtroopers in front of the Capitol," Joe told BuzzFeed Life. "And it instantly became the most popular photo I had. It started selling out week after week, and that's when I decided to try to do more."


Joe said that regardless of who or what he's shooting, his intent is to always tell a story.

Joe Shymanski /

Equally important to him? Getting the technical aspects right. To offset what he says some might think of as a gimmick, Joe makes it a point to nail the composition, the lighting, and the focus. "I try to keep all of that very sharp," he said. "And I think that's made me a better photographer overall."

To see more of Joe's photos or to purchase prints, check out his website or Facebook, or visit his shop at D.C.'s Eastern Market.