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    18 (Seriously Useful) Instant Pot Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

    Whether you're a proud new owner or you've been using an IP for years.

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    The Instant Pot is a super useful kitchen tool — but it can sometimes be tricky to use.

    So whether you're already an Instant Pot pro or a new owner after the holiday season, we wanted to share some helpful tips and tricks for how to actually get the most out of it. Find them below! 🥘

    1. Reminder that the *entire lid* is dishwasher safe — not just the sealing ring.

    (And BTW, you already know what the sealing ring is, but here's the anti-block shield:)

    2. Use a clear glass lid when you're slow cooking or simmering for long periods of time.

    3. PSA: The handle doubles as a built-in lid holder.

    4. If the silicone ring gets gross, do a (super quick!) steam clean with water + lemon, or vinegar.

    5. Or, ya know, just buy extra rings.

    6. Cook hard-boiled eggs as part of your first water test.

    7. Bookmark this list of all-purpose dinner ideas — for when you're not sure what to cook.

    8. Or, if you're searching for IP options tailored to a specific diet, pick up a specialty cookbook.

    9. Prevent steam from damaging kitchen cabinets by being strategic about IP placement.

    10. Or, attach a small steam diverter to re-direct air flow.

    11. For complete 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1) meals, try the pot-in-pot method.

    12. The PIP method also works with desserts.

    13. To make lifting food out much easier, use a silicone sling.

    14. Or, for a DIY alternative, hook two foil strips onto the sides of the trivet that came with your Instant Pot.

    15. Always have at least 1/2 cup of liquid in the pot.

    16. Want to solve for storage? This tiered utility cart from Target fits an Instant Pot perfectly.

    17. To release steam without burning your hands or having to fiddle with gloves, wedge the back of a wooden spoon underneath the valve.

    18. Lastly: Keep this cheat sheet handy!