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    How To Make Hot Cheeto-Infused Tequila

    Cheetos + Tequila = TeCheeLa.

    Flaming Hot Cheeto-Infused Tequila

    2 cups Flaming Hot Cheetos
    1 cup silver tequila
    1 lime

    Fill a sealable container with Flaming Hot Cheetos, pour in tequila, and fill to the top. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, strain out Cheetos, and serve with a lime wedge. (Note: Tiny oil bits may remain in the tequila after infusion. You can keep as-is, or store the tequila in the freezer — the bits will solidify and you can easily scoop or strain them out.)

    *This recipe was created by Mathew Ramsey as part of an original boozy drink lineup. Find his other spiked creations here.